Monday, October 29, 2012


Being away for a while.......forgive me (GT esp u. U know i love u). its just that I really don't know what to blog about. Am having "bloggers bloc".

Have been in a funky mood for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time, if I didn't know better I would say I have been depressed but I know myself and I don't get depressed, its just not me, so whats wrong you ask?? Am just as clueless as you. Maybe I need some excitement oh uhh  any type will do by the way. So suggest for me oh

Anyway for those of you that asked am physically fine, wish I was also mentally fine. I think I am suffering from extreme boredom. This type of boredom is very potent could drive you to do sometins you couldn't normally do, make u go "gaga crazy"

Went for my first support group meeting (not in Naija of cos) and it was so cool. it felt wonderful. For the first time I met people like me. Although I was nervous at first but once I got  there all traces of that disappeared. Everyone was so nice and sweet, I was the newcomer and I enjoyed all the attention. When I was being welcomed a statement the lady said made me laugh. she said I shouldn't worry that there was no discrimination among us and that even the building is positive so i should relax and have fun. I did have fun, didn't want to go home sef.

Really wish I could find something like that back home, life wouldn't be so dry but the truth is would I even attend if we had something like that in Naija? I would not want to be recognized at all. We were made to sign a confidentiality something. that we wouldn't name names or gist about who and who we know or met in the meetings. But trust my Naija brothers and sisters we won't adhere to that rule. Me sef go be first to gist my siblings who and who i saw. I can just imagine myself saying "ahhhhh big sis u wont believe who i saw there ohhhh, u know Eric's sister that one that likes feeling? she is positive too oo imagine!!!' *clapsgossiphands

Am not dissing anyone oh, me sef am guilty of the crime of too much gist. I cant help it, I love gist!!but where do we draw the line between too much gist and invasion of privacy?

Anyhoo it can only get better.

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